2016 Municipal Elections Information

Posted by Michelle Brownridge on October 5th, 2016

Information to consider for upcoming Municipal Elections in Saskatchewan

Are you ready for the Municipal Election on October 26, 2016?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Did you know…?

95% of MAS members are located in an urban municipality (city, town or village)
1000+ people are employed by museums in either full or part time positions
$13.5 million is paid in salaries/year
Museum total expenditures are approximately $37 million/year
Approximately 10,000 people volunteer in museums
Approximately 500,000 volunteer hours at minimum wage ($10.72) equals $5,250,000.00 in labour costs
Municipal governments provide approximately $5 million/year
Federal government provides approximately $2 million/year
Provincial government – mainly through lottery funding – provides approximately $10 million/year
Donations account for approximately $10 million/year
Over 4 million visitors to museums including over 2 million online visits
Museums are the stewards for 10.8 million objects
Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions: 2015 (2013 data)





Here are a few questions you may want to ask your candidates for Mayor and Council:

Have you ever visited the museum?
What is your position regarding municipal support for museums?
Would you endorse the municipality financially supporting the museum?
Does the municipality include the museum in its official community plan?
If not, would you endorse the development of a cultural strategic plan, which would include the museum? 
How would you support the implementation of such a plan?
Do you consider the development of tourism a strategic economic goal for the area?
If so, what do you consider the role of the museum in attaining this goal?
What are your ideas on developing partnerships between the municipality, the business community and the museum to better market our cultural assets?


We haven’t forgotten the School Board elections! Here are a few questions to ask candidates for School Board:

What do you consider the role of museums in the schools? At the elementary level? At the secondary level?
Do you consider the arts, heritage and culture to be important parts of the school curriculum?
Would you endorse school/community partnerships to ensure ongoing arts and heritage programming?
How can the museum in our community contribute to the schools?


Candidates may have some questions for you such as: 

Why do museums need public funding at all?

Some possible responses:

To ensure the widest possible access to the collective heritage of the community.
To ensure that the museum is able to fulfil its stewardship role for the objects and stories of this community that are in its care.
Museums provide an important educational opportunity to learn about and share cultural experiences.


Aren’t museums just a frill?

Some possible responses:

Museums contribute to the preservation and understanding of our collective heritage.
Museums act as the collective memory of a community.
Museums provide a place to learn about the community and its heritage.
Museums provide an opportunity to promote cultural understanding. 


Aren’t museums only for a few?

Some possible responses:

Twice as many people visited museums in 2013 as lived in the province plus another 2.2 million visited SK museums online.


Why should taxpayers pay for museums?

Some possible responses:

Museums contribute to the local economy – they purchase goods and services, hire staff (both permanent & temporary) who pay taxes and purchase goods and services, and they attract tourists who purchase goods and services.
They contribute to the communities’ sense of pride.
Museums contribute to the quality of life in a community – they are part of what makes the place you work the place you call home.


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