2017 Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Posted by Michelle Brownridge on July 4th, 2017

The Museums Association of Saskatchewan is pleased to congratulate Delores Cutler, who was recognized with an honorary Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 MAS Conference in Regina.

Delores has been an active member of the Saskatchewan museum community since the early 1990s. Initially she was hired as the Supervisor of the Rusty Relics Museum in Carlyle. While working at the Rusty Relics Museums Delores obtained her Certificate in Community Museum Studies in 1996. Highlights from her time as Supervisor include: creating the first education program at the museum; developing a Traveling Suitcase Museum for Seniors; and working with the local First Nations to include dancers as part of a museum event. In 1999, Delores ended her term as Supervisor for the museum became a Board member.

At this time, she began her extensive involvement with the Broader Saskatchewan museum community. Delores served for several years as both a member of the committee overseeing the Museum Gallery Grant Program – which later became the Museum Grant Program, as well as, being a member of the MGP jury in the mid 1990s. At the same time Delores served as both Networker and Co-Networker for the South East Museums Network. Upon completion of her tenure as Networker she was elected to the MAS Board of Directors and served one term.

In 2004 Delores was asked to share her time and experience by serving on the MAS Transformation Working Group. The TWG was made up of eight individuals representing a broad range of the museums each brought a depth of knowledge to examine what the factors influencing the future of museums were and then to make recommendations to the MAS Board on possible options for addressing them.

Delores was also an MAS Community Trainer – individuals willing to share their expertise by teaching the Introduction to Saskatchewan Standards and Standards – Tools for Good Governance workshops.

Delores retired from her volunteer position with the Rusty Relics Museum in 2016.

Congratulations Delores, and thank you for everything that you have contributed to the museums community in Saskatchewan.

Delores Cutler, MAS Honorary Lifetime Achievement Recipient, 2017

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