Inside the Civic Museum: An Evening with Kay Parley

Kay Parley began drawing before the age of four, but it wasn’t until high school that she took any formal type of training. Although she studied to be a commercial artist, her love of the fieldstone homes and buildings from her childhood home in Moffat called her. With a nudge from her father, who thought they deserved to be preserved, she painted her first one in 1941. When the community of Moffat, south of Wolseley, planned an anniversary celebration, she embarked on her celebrated series of paintings. She also began writing a community history, the They Cast a Long Shadow: The History of Moffat, Saskatchewan, which inspired sketches of the stone buildings to illustrate the book. She continued sketching stone buildings from all over the province. Event is free. RSVP to or 306-780-943.

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