Executive Director - The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

Closes February 23rd, 2018

Executive Director (Full time permanent)
The Executive Director (ED) oversees the management of the Museum and works closely and collaboratively with the Board of Directors and various Board Committees.  The ED is ultimately responsible for the management of all of the employees of the Diefenbunker and must have a significant and successful track record in doing so and strong communication skills. The ED additionally plays a crucial role with funding partners such as the City of Ottawa, businesses and a variety of stakeholders and members of the community.  The ability to bring a vision for the future, lead a team of diverse professionals, communicate clearly, capture relevant statistics, and to oversee proper financial management, while achieving goals and balancing conflicting priorities are among the key elements of the position. Given the important leadership responsibilities of the position, the ED is also required to maintain a high level of accountability and reliability.  As the “face” of the organization and a respected member of the Ontario Museum Association, the ED finds opportunities to collaborate with and enhance museums in the Ottawa Capital region while discovering potential partnerships in Canada and elsewhere.

Job Description (.PDF)
Deadline: February 23, 2018

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