Facility & Grounds Supervisor (1 year term) - WDM North Battleford

Closes December 28th, 2018

The Facility & Grounds Supervisor reports directly to the Museum Manager North Battleford with
shared reporting responsibilities to the Facility Manager. The Facility & Grounds Supervisor assists the
WDM in achieving its public trust responsibilities by ensuring buildings, grounds, and equipment are
maintained to a high standard. The Facility & Grounds Supervisor is responsible for maintaining
mechanical and structural standards throughout the Museum and making repairs when required. All
activities are conducted to maximize efficiency and patron/staff/volunteer comfort and in accordance
with museum standards.

1. Building Maintenance
• Ensure the Museum building is maintained through regular inspection and maintenance
• Manage the operation and maintenance of the building’s mechanical systems.
• Manage the buildings heating systems.
• Troubleshoot issues with plumbing, lighting, heating, refrigeration and electrical systems.
• Initiate repairs as required. Undertake general upkeep of the building structure including, but
not limited to, entry ways, paint, flooring, windows, doors, etc.
• Arrange for testing the WDM fire, sprinkler and security alarm systems.
• Ensure all buildings, including Village buildings, have appropriate rodent control measures
in place.
• As required, assist with building maintenance needs for special events and other Museum

2. Museum Grounds Maintenance
• Maintain the museum grounds including:
o Summer - maintenance of lawns, trees, parking lot, fruit tree maze, flowers,
demonstration areas, drainage ditches, watering and water control of museum
o Winter - snow removal around the building, parking lot, walkways and fire exits.
o Address ground heaving, ice melt and flooding situations as required.
o Rodent control, including gopher and other wild animals.
o Maintain boardwalk on Village grounds.

3. Administration
• Maintain a clean, organized, and safe work environment.
• Observe safety and risk management procedures in public areas, work spaces, and in the
operation of all equipment and supplies.
• Open and / or close the building including responding to after hour alarm calls.
• Maintain accurate building and maintenance records.
• Maintain an inventory of museum building materials, tools/equipment, machinery, and
ordering supplies as needed.
• Act as working supervisor on a rotational basis which includes opening exhibits.
• Assist with other duties as assigned.

The salary range is $21.80 - $27.58 per hour (based on WDM Level 6, Ranges TR-6). The work schedule is
72 hours per 2-week pay period.

Applications must be received by December 28, 2018
Please send your application to:
Facility & Grounds Supervisor Selection Committee
Western Development Museum
P.O. Box 183
Junction Highway 16 & 40
North Battleford, SK S9A 2Y1
Email: jsmith@wdm.ca

Full details at: https://www.wdm.ca/AboutUs/employment.htm

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