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Conservation Learning Collective

The members of this Learning Collective are dedicated to the safe preservation of collections either as professional conservators, or other museum personnel (involved in collection preservation) interested in increasing their level of knowledge and standards for care.

To best care for collections, it is vital for involved museum personnel to have access to conservation professionals who can guide decisions using current scientific research and best proven practises.  Thus, the Conservation Learning Collective aims to meet two levels of need:

1) To provide ongoing professional development support to conservators (qualified through their experience and training) to help them remain current and increase their level of expertise in their fields.

2) To provide a network and resource for conservators and for other museum personnel actively involved in collection care, through which information can be exchanged and expert opinion and information can be accessed.

We are always seeking new members to join our discussions, plan professional development opportunities, and connect with others in the arts, culture, and heritage community. If you are a professional conservator or a museum practitioner actively involved in preventive collections care, we encourage you to contact MAS (see contact info below) for more information.


Canadian Conservation Institute:
“Through conservation science, treatment, and preventive conservation, the Canadian Conservation Institute supports the heritage community in preserving Canada's heritage collections so they can be accessed by current and future generations. This mission is accomplished through conservation research and development, expert services, and knowledge dissemination”.
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Past Events

Canadian Conservation Institute Workshop: Products Used for Display, Storage, and Transportation (2010)
Date: Fall 2010  
Location: Regina, SK 


Discussion Group
Specialized Workshop: A Practical Guide to Adhesives with Julia Fenn, Ethnographic Conservator at the Royal Ontario Museum (2008)


Brenda Smith, Conservator, MacKenzie Art Gallery (

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For more information please contact the MAS office.