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Box 26072
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 8C1
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The mandate of Musee Ukraina preserves the history of the Ukrainian people within a multicultural society. Through exhibits, educational programs, and interactive activities, the museum brings to life the story of a significant group of people who helped build the great province of Saskatchewan and contributed to an understanding of Canada.

Musee Ukraina not only invites the world to come and experience this influential part of world history, but to also understand how a historical group in a multicultural community can survive and serve as a bridge of understanding between cultures within the local, provincial and national sector.

Musée Ukraina Museum is presently building a museum facility to house and showcase its collection, library and archives. It will be a permanent facility to preserve the cultural contributions of the Ukrainian Catholic community in Saskatchewan, Canada and Ukraine. 

With an estimated capital budget of 2.8 million this building project requires the participation of all to ensure its success and to protect what has been preserved. The 12,000 sq. ft. building will allow for larger, more imposing exhibitions and educational programs. It will provide fitting space to display the more than 20,000 treasures from the Museum's collections.

Collection Highlights:  Textiles and Spiritual collection / Religious and Spiritual Collection / Ceramics / Ritual Breads.

Location Notes

222 Avenue M South

Operating Season

January – December


Open Sundays year round from 11:30 am- 4:30pm. 

Wednesday's 1pm-5pm June to September.

Admission:  Free

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