Seager Wheeler National Historic Farm

Box 476
Rosthern, SK
S0K 3R0
Phone: (306) 232-5959
Phone: (306) 232-5596 or (306) 232-5542
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Come and visit a farm that is being restored to its 1919 condition.

At this farm, Seager Wheeler grew the grain that won him five different World Wheat Championships between 1911 - 1918. Visit the restored Seed Cleaning Plant and see the equipment, some of it built by Mr. Wheeler, restored to operating condition. 

Learn about cropping innovation in modern agriculture, including direct seeding. The Seager Wheeler Farm continues to be a part of agricultural research and demonstration
Relive the story of change over the past century.

Observe the Soil conservation practices Wheeler used, and discover exciting developments in modern agriculture, including direct seeding, near the kiosk just east of the Seed Cleaning Plant.

Enjoy the extensive English Flower Garden and formal flower beds. See how Wheelers orchard, once the largest on the prairies, is being restored and replanted. 

Stroll the trails through the legacy of trees that Wheeler planted as wind protection for the fields and farm site and watch for the many species of birds. Notice how Agriculture and nature co-exist all around the farm.

Location Notes

7 km east of Rosthern

Operating Season

May – September


Visit website or phone for hours of operation. 

Admission:  Adults $7.50 / Children $4

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