Final Call for SaskCollections Phase 5

Posted by Kathleen Watkin on May 8th, 2018

Why should you join the SaskCollections Program?

MAS has the software, so there is limited cost to the Museum

Helps your museums to manage useable information about your collections
Extremely effective tool of organizing, arranging, preserving, and display artifacts in your collections
Helps you organize, arrange, preserve, and display artifacts in your collections
MAS has a back-up server where your information is stored as part of fees
Access to comprehensive support, both online resources and via our Museum Advisor, Kathleen

Requirements for Participation:

2-3 dedicated staff/volunteers
Staff/volunteers must be available for training
Museums must be already organizing the collection in accordance with the Collections Documentation Manual for Saskatchewan Museums.
Museums must have a high-speed internet connection and an up-to-date computer
Museums must contribute $125/year for data storage fees


Initial Cost: $200 (Nomenclature 4.0, Storage Fees and Data Transfer Fees)

Each January After: $125.00 (Data Storage Fees)

How to Apply:

Please watch your e-mail and Ephemera for more information.

Or click the link:

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

 If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kathleen (Museums Advisor) at or 306-780-9266

Applications are Due May 16th, 2018.

Please Note: If you are accepted into the Database Program, we will be having a SaskCollections Database meeting on June 6, 2018 in Humboldt, SK (the day before the MAS conference) for all Database members, so mark your calendars!

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