Museums Association of Saskatchewan - Special Resolution No. 1

Posted by Terri Morris on May 7th, 2018

Proposed Bylaw Change

Given that the Board of Directors is responsible for the regular review of the Bylaws in order to ensure they clearly articulate the way the Association will regulate itself focusing on rules regarding Members, Officers, Meetings, Voting Procedures, Board of Directors, Committees, Parliamentary authority, and Amendment.

As a result of the bylaw change, approved at the 2010 Annual General Meeting, to cease to elect a president at the AGM and, instead, instruct the Board of Directors to select a President and all other Executive Officers from within the Board of Directors it is now necessary to address an issue of consistency within the Bylaws document.

The following changes to the Museums Association of Saskatchewan Bylaws document are being recommended in order to allow for continuity on the Board:

Section 18 Board of Directors

A new point to read:


Section 23 Powers and Duties of Officers and Directors

A new point to read:

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