Bring Kronau Museum’s “Museum in a Suitcase” to Your Community

Category: / Closes August 31st, 2019

Let the Kronau Museum come to you and give a presentation to your community!

Book with us today to have one of our dedicated summer students give an interesting presentation to your group, whether it be a school, retirement home, or any other community organization. Each mobile package developed is inspired by an exhibit that the museum has previously hosted.

The suitcases that are currently in circulation are:

We understand that different audiences have different interests and capabilities, and have adjusted our presentation to be age appropriate.

We have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for June and are now booking into July and August. (July 8th-12th and July 29th- August 2nd we are having our day camps and can not come out.) If you and your community would like to book a presentation with us you can email us at or call us at (306) 781-3082. We would be more them happy to come on out. We do have a small mileage fee of $50 just to cover the cost of traveling.

For more information, please contact us or click this link to our website

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