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Category: Professional Development Opportunities / Closes August 31st, 2019

Athabasca University’s fall-semester classes in museum and heritage studies are now open for general registration.  AU offers FULLY ONLINE study options for learners at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as professional development opportunities for those seeking less intensive study options. 
Upcoming graduate classes include HERM 542 and HERM 672 in paced form, and HERM 512 in unpaced continuous enrolment format.  Details are as follows:
HERM 542: Issues in Planning Historic Places: This course deals with the application of informal and formal learning strategies and methods of assessing audience needs for planning and implementing interpretive programs. Specific attention is paid through case studies and practical experience to the use of exhibits and first and third person interpretation as elements in interpretive programming. Full details may be found on the syllabus here:
HERM 672: Heritage and Risk Management: This course focuses on the measures and actions that cultural heritage professionals should undertake before, during, and after a disaster. It discusses cultural heritage in the context of disaster and complex emergency situations. It also discusses how different types of disasters impact cultural heritage resources and how cultural values could be compromised during crises and disasters, through a series of case studies. Students learn about the ways to assess and evaluate different risks to cultural heritage in times of natural and man-made disasters and develop preparedness and preventive measures to reduce risks.  Additionally, the course examines existing international, national, and local frameworks for the protection of cultural heritage. Students also explore how cultural heritage, as a target in disasters and armed conflict, can become a driver for resilience and potentially contribute to disaster risk reduction and disaster recovery.
HERM 672 is a graduate course, but it is also available to the general public, including HRM undergraduate students, for professional development.  The syllabus may be found here:
HERM 512: Advanced Methods in Heritage Research: This course provides advanced skills in applying heritage resource management research methodologies through readings, discussion and applied projects. Students concentrate on archival and library research, oral history research, and research using material culture. Students gain analytical and practical skills in using these types of sources as part of developing and applying a research strategy. Formal skills in 
writing, planning, structuring, and referencing written reports will be dealt with throughout the course.  For further information, please see:
Note that the registration deadline for HERM 542 and 672 is on AUGUST 9th.  HERM 512 is open for continuous enrollment and may be started any month throughout the year.
Undergraduate level classes in heritage and museum studies include the eight core courses listed here: All undergraduate classes are offered in a flexible unpaced format, and they may be started any month throughout the year.
While the classes listed above may be taken as stand-alone learning opportunities by themselves, they all support the credentials AU offers in heritage studies: the University Certificate in Heritage Resources Management,,  the Minor in Heritage Resources Management, the Graduate Diploma, and the Master of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies with a Focus Area in Heritage and Social History
For further information, please contact the Heritage Resources Management program office at or toll free at 1-800-788-9041 ext. 6792.

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