Under the Canopy - Interactive Travelling Exhibit Opportunity

Closes January 31st, 2019

Little Ray's Nature Centers is taking Under the Canopy on the road!

After a wildly successful opening at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax and a very successful stay one of Little Ray's Nature Centers. 

Now Under the Canopy will be beginning its tour of North America starting Summer 2019!

This beautifully immersive and educational museum exhibit tackles the tough subjects surrounding these vitally important ecosystems. 

Step into the jungle alongside species from different rainforest's around the world. This exhibit highlights some of the world's most interesting animals while tackling some of the most important issues surrounding rainforests.

Flexible and Highly Interactive Exhibit

Not only do all of our museum packages feature beautiful interactive exhibits, we also provide daily award winning educational programming in which your guests have the opportunity to meet and interact with live animals.

Just like all of Little Ray's Nature Centers' museum packages, Under the Canopy will include:

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