The Big Idea

Every exhibition needs a clear thesis statement. The Big Idea workshop starts with the definition of and rationale for using a big idea to develop an exhibition. We review and judge a selection of examples from many sources for their degree of adherence to the definition and for their apparent usefulness. Case studies of how big ideas have evolved are examined, and we discuss the difference between big ideas, themes, topic outlines, communication goals, and behavioral objectives. This workshop will be facilitated by internationally recognized exhibit and evaluation consultant Beverly Serrell, who developed the “Big Idea” technique.

About Beverly Serrell
Probably best known as the author of Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, Beverly’s communication and evaluation philosophies extend far beyond the realm of labels. Her work in exhibit planning and evaluation supports the evolution from knowledge-based, artifact-laden displays to narrative-based, visitor-centered experiences. She operates on the belief that visitors are motivated, interested people who deserve the very best a museum can achieve.

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