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Agent of Deterioration #5: Water

Posted in Collections by Kathleen Watkin on August 9th, 2013

As a summer conservation series, we will be talking about the Agents of Deterioration as defined by the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) in Ottawa.  If you want to learn more about CCI, see their website or our April 29th blog post.

There are a lot of situations that could lead to water damaging not only your museum's collections but the building as well; that list includes:    

Damage resulting from water happens more regularly than one might think! AND the range of objects and materials types that are affected by water is huge.

Water can stain, warp, crack, soften, delaminate, and swell objects as well as cause their dyes to run and promotes the development of mould throughan increase in the Relative Humidity.  All in all, having water in your collection is bad news.

Dyes running as a result of water                                

Ways that you can protect your collections include:

Make sure to have emergency supplies on hand in-case there is a water related emergency, such as a pail, mop, flashlights, fans, and plastic sheeting.  When in doubt, ask for help! Give us a call at MAS; toll free at 1-866-568-7386 or through email at advisor@saskmuseums.org

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