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Posted in Profiles by Em Ironstar on December 11th, 2013

Throughout the next few months members of the Board will be sharing testimonials about their experiences serving on the MAS Board. Here are messages from Crystal Craig, President of the Board and Yvonne Hotzak.

Crystal Craig

"I am finishing the third, two year term of office as a board member of MAS. The board has accomplished many things over this time. We have approached our work in a holistic manner so that everything connects to each other. Our Ends policy is mirrored by the Strategic Plan and monitoring processes follow this agenda. This has made it easier for the Board to communicate with our Executive Director what direction we are taking. In turn, Wendy and her capable staff have created an Operational Plan that will meet our Ends policy.

This is a policy governance board and our meetings have been fine-tuned so that we can get the business portion of the meeting done in the morning. This leaves us the afternoon to have a facilitator come in to work on board development or a goal that we are working on. It also can be used for generative discussion as to how best we can serve our members and the issues they face. I have enjoyed serving on this board and encourage you the members to consider doing the same. You will gain so much personal development from this experience ! I  have appreciated meeting and working with a great group of people that share a common interest. "

Yvonne Hotzak

"Hi! My name is Yvonne Hotzak, Seneca Root Networker. I am a new member on the Board of Directors. My desire to join would afford me the opportunity to become more tapped in to the larger information systems of the museums provincially, and offer my expertise in labour law, as well as, represent 1st Nations as a Cree band member.

I have gained so much awareness and knowledge about policies and governance procedures through orientation and professional development. I have met many new people and gained new friends.

Although it is a lot of information to process, the board members have all been very supportive. A buddy system has been implemented for new board members, if required. Heather Englebert is my buddy and thanks to her, I have become a better functioning member of the board."

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