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Board Member Experiences #2

Posted in Profiles by Em Ironstar on January 14th, 2014

Throughout the next few months members of the Board will be sharing testimonials about their experiences serving on the MAS Board. Here are messages from Rhonda Lamb and Chad Debert.

Rhonda Lamb

I have felt very gratified to be a member of the Museum Association of Saskatchewan’s Board of Directors.

I am coming to the end of my second term and can honestly say that working towards the transformation of the Board has been very rewarding.  The Board is in a good position and has really put many things in place to continue to be a high performing Board in the long term.   I have had the opportunity to hear much more about what is happening to museums throughout the province as well as seeing the bigger picture of the heritage sector and how it relates to my own everyday world.

The experience gained through working on the Board in areas such as strategic planning, building a governance roadmap for priorities to achieve organizational goals (ENDS) and developing processes to help the Board do a better job has all been very beneficial.  The networks I have developed as a result of being on this Board will continue to help me do my own job that much better.

The other bonus to having this role has been the numerous friendships and new acquaintances I have made since having a more visible position with the Association.  I have met many of our members at various meetings and conferences.  I work with a high calibre of people on our Board and very much enjoy the friendships I have made over my terms.

I would like to thank the membership for giving me this opportunity and would encourage everyone to consider not only what you could bring to the MAS Board but also what benefits it can give to you and your organization over the long term.

Chad Debert

Some time ago I had served as president, having recently returned I am currently serving a two year term.  Professionally, my time on the board has provided wonderful development opportunities for both myself and the organizations I have worked for.  Personally, being involved at the board level is a great way for me to stay well connected to our diverse provincial and federal museum community as well as the broader cultural and heritage communities of the province.  The Museums Association of Saskatchewan has accomplished much in its history and is well respected in the broader community and by its membership.  For these and many reasons, I have always found my time serving on this board very valuable.  We are always learning and growing as board members and as individuals through those we serve with and those we serve for.  I sincerely recommend the opportunity to all.

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