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Concerned about Your Museum’s Physical Environment?

Posted by Kathleen Watkin on August 5th, 2016

Does my Museum have the right UV filters on the windows? Is the relative humidity and/or temperature too high? Too Low? How can I better preserve the Museum’s collection?

Look no further than the Museum Association of Saskatchewan’s Advisory Department. MAS has two Elsec 765C and two HOBO U14 monitors that we can gladly loan to you!

The Elsec monitors and records relative humidity, temperature, UV and visible light.

The HOBO will monitor and record relative humidity and temperature.

For the price of return shipping, all MAS members have the opportunity to borrow this equipment. Fill out our resource request form online under the advisory services tab, or call the office and we will mail the equipment to you. An equipment guide is included to help assist you with set up. Once the equipment is returned, the Museums Advisor will download and interpret the recorded information.

For more information or if you would like to borrow this equipment, contact: 

Kathleen Watkin, MAS Museums Advisor


(306) 780-9266

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