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Posted by Em Ironstar on November 17th, 2016

Board of Directors Past President, Robert Hubick

I have been involvement in the cultural community for the past number of years now both as an employee and volunteer.  Even though I have always had a passion for history, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to spend 6 months in Europe that really got me thinking about volunteering or even a career in the cultural industry.  My real first experience was when I was the Executive Director of the Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  During my time there I helped bring the organization into the for-front in the museum and cultural community by re-branding the organization and creating higher awareness of the work the organization does to support the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  I helped lay the ground work that included a vision that would build a positive and sustainable future for the organization.  Also during my time at the friends of the museum I served as Chair of the Managers/Director’s Special Interest Group for Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS) and I am currently in my 5th year as a board member of MAS where I am the Past President.  I really enjoy my time on the MAS board; it has allowed me to obtain a better understanding on how Governance Boards work and a better appreciation of our heritage as a whole. 

I have also been a board member of Heritage Regina for 8 years now where I am the acting chair.  I have been heavily involved in trying to increase the profile of the organization in the Regina community and to create awareness of both our tangible and intangible heritage that Regina has to offer.  I was Heritage Regina’s representative on the Save Our Connaught Heritage group that was trying to prevent Connaught School (Regina’s oldest active school at that time) from demolition.  I currently don’t work in the cultural industry, I am currently the Facility Manager at Modular Storage Systems in Regina, SK but would one day like to return full time to the cultural community.  But for now I volunteer my time which allows me to stay connected and to play a role in preserving our heritage.  I am a strong believer in ensuring that we do preserve our heritage and that it is our responsibility to protect it before it is lost for good.  We owe it to our forthcoming generations.

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