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Posted by Em Ironstar on November 25th, 2016

Corinne Daelick

While studying history and political studies at the University of Saskatchewan, I was asked by fellow students which area I was focusing on – Russian history, middle eastern politics or maybe Asian cultures? I confidently stated that I was focusing my studies on Saskatchewan history and politics. The response I got surprised me. “Isn’t that pretty boring?” they asked. No way! I couldn’t believe that my classmates thought that Saskatchewan was boring. How could so many diverse stories be boring? My family history dates back to 1883 in Saskatchewan. I loved hearing stories of my family’s Saskatchewan experiences which drew me to seek out other people’s stories and learn more about my province.

I was lucky enough to volunteer and work at the Western Development Museum (WDM) starting in 1994 when I was hired on a term position at the WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon. I worked at the WDM on two different term positions – one in Collections and a second in Education. During my brief term in Education, I researched and developed a Grade 2 school program which is still used at the WDM today. I also helped in many other areas of the museum - as is the way in all museums, we wear many hats. When this term finished I continued with the WDM as a volunteer.

I worked in the retail and technology sectors for a number of years before an opportunity to get back into museum work presented itself. In 2006 I was hired as Education/Volunteer Coordinator at the WDM Saskatoon. This was a role I loved as I got to work with so many fantastic volunteers, museum staff, teachers and school kids. Through my work I became involved with the CERT (Community, Experience, Resources and Tours) group which promotes education programs at museums, galleries and zoos in Saskatoon. In 2011 I joined the board of the Heritage Festival of Saskatoon and served as Secretary from 2012-2015. In 2013 I took on a new role within the WDM - Director of Education. In this position, I work with education staff at all four WDM locations to support their volunteer, education and public programs. This job has given me the opportunity to travel around the province which I love doing.

I joined the MAS Board in May 2016. I saw this as an opportunity to learn more about Saskatchewan heritage as well as promoting our heritage facilities as fantastic resources for anyone wanting to learn about our communities and culture. I would encourage anyone interested in promoting Saskatchewan museums to consider joining the MAS Board. The Board and MAS staff make everyone feel welcome and there are great opportunities to work with people who are enthusiastic about Saskatchewan heritage.

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