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Learn, Share, and Grow at the Educating for Sustainability Symposium

Posted in News & Events by Dan Holbrow on April 22nd, 2013

Today, as people and organizations around the world celebrate earth day, I want to share an upcoming chance for you to learn more about how museums and other public institutions can nurture and promote sustainable communities.

The Educating for Sustainability symposium is an exciting day of activities related to sustainability education.

In "Values: A Starting Point for Sustainability," a session led by museum educator Marni Gittleman, you'll explore the role values make in decision making and community engagement. You'll explore case studies, examine your own museum's values, and engage in creative group activities, including storytelling and building with repurposed materials. 

In Greenburg, led by Dr. Glenn Sutter, you’ll take on the role of a stakeholder in an imaginary community, and participate in creating a plan for building a more sustainable community. You’ll learn community engagement and sustainability planning skills, and see how this kind of roleplay approach can make sustainability education fun, engaging, and productive.

If you’re looking for ways to engage with your community, and to contribute to its economic, ecological, social, and cultural sustainability, this is an opportunity too good to miss!

Breakfast is at 9:00am. Sessions start at 9:30am. Breakfast and lunch are included.

The cost is $100 for members, $125 for non-members and $75 for students with ID.

Don't wait! Fill out the registration form: http://www.saskmuseums.org/assets/File/2013%20PDFs/ConferenceRegForm.pdf

Or call 1-866-568-7386 or email MAS at mas@saskmuseums.org.

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