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#MuseumWeek 2015- Join the Fun on Twitter!

Posted in News & Events by Em Ironstar on March 13th, 2015

Is your museum participating in #MuseumWeek 2015 on Twitter?

March 23-29 is #MuseumWeek in the Twitter-sphere! Join over 1,000 museums, galleries, and institutions from around the world who will be sharing stories during the second annual #MuseumWeek. Each day museums will share some fun facts about their institution based on a specific hashtag.

#MuseumWeek is a fun and easy way to promote and raise awareness for your museum on Twitter to a worldwide audience.

Is your museum participating? Tweet us @saskmuseums and let us know! We will be following as well and tweeting throughout the week.

The themes for each day are:

Monday, March 23- #secretsMW

Museums and cultural establishments from all over the globe welcome you to their everyday world and introduce you to work behind the scenes… and perhaps a few well-kept secrets!

Tuesday, March 24- #souvenirsMW

Share your souvenirs and memories of visits: photos, mugs, books, poscards, encounters and special moments!

Wednesday, March 25- #architectureMW

Explore the history, architectural heritage, gardens and surroundings of museums.

Thursday, March 26- #inspirationMW

Now It’s your turn to create and share for posterity! Art, science, history and ethnography are all around us. To your smartphones!

Friday, March 27- #familyMW

With the weekend almost here, prepare family visits or upcoming school trips with advice and tips from museums around the globe.

Saturday March 28- #favMW

Now the weekend has begun! Share your museum favourites (works, locations, etc) in tweets, photos or videos!

Sunday, March 29- #poseMW

This last day of #MuseumWeek2015 is all about creativity. Post a selfie or any photo- it’s up to you!


To learn more about #MuseumWeek, visit their webpage at

Let’s show the world how amazing Saskatchewan Museums are! 

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