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Staff Profile: Ele Radbourne

Posted in Profiles by Dan Holbrow on May 15th, 2013

Before Ele started at the Museums Association of Saskatchewan, she had an image of the place she’d work next.

“Behind a desk, with big windows beside me, greeting people, doing paperwork,” she said. “Just keeping everything going smoothly.”

How does her work as MAS’s Administrative Assistant measure up?

“It’s exactly the picture I had,” Ele said with a smile. “I love my job.”

Working at MAS has been a career change for Ele – she spent much of her professional life doing graphic design. The contrast between that quiet, behind-the-scenes work to the often lively interaction between MAS and its members was huge. All the activity at her first MAS conference and AGM left her “in awe,” and she enjoys the varied questions she gets from members.

But one of her most satisfying (and important) tasks is helping keep the staff coordinated on day-to-day tasks—“making the whole office flow,” as she puts it. Though she jokingly calls herself the “office nag,” her organizing skills and attention to detail are a big part of what makes MAS an effective team.

Outside her work, Ele’s favourite things are traveling, and entertaining friends and family. She looks forward to doing more of this when she retires (“Not too soon, though,” she’s quick to add). In the meantime, though, she’s happy where she is.

“It’s been two and a half years since I started here,” she says, “and I’m still on the honeymoon.”

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