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Tips and Hints for Creating Successful MGP Applications

Posted by Em Ironstar on October 4th, 2016

With SaskCulture’s Museum Grant Program ( now accepting application for its November 30th deadline, here are some tips and hints for writing a successful grant application.

Read the guidelines: Always read the MGP guidelines and application form to determine that your proposed work is eligible.

Give yourself adequate time: Successful grant writing is not done at the last minute. You should be thinking about your answers as soon as possible. Remember, the MGP is now online and you can access it as many times as you need. Get your account started now and complete each section in a timely manner.  Management, Programs and Budget sections are going to take you the longest to complete, so think about starting them ASAP.

Write clear and direct answers: Answer all of the questions as directly, fully and concisely as possible. Remember, the jury is going to have to read a lot of applications. You do not want to overwhelm them.

Provide clear and concise examples: When examples are asked for, provide the suggested amount. You do not have to tell the jury everything that you did or plan to do in your museum. You want to focus on your “big” ideas and programs.

Don’t assume: When answering questions on the MGP application, don’t make the assumption that the jurors know your museum; write your answers like you are explaining yourself to someone who knows nothing about your museum or community.

It's okay to answer “no”: It’s perfectly acceptable to answer “no” to some of the questions in the application. But if you do answer “no,” be prepared to explain why, and how you are planning to change this in the next two years.

Create a realistic budget: Research the actual cost of activities, services, materials, fees and equipment. Talk to others in your community and museum network that have done similar work. Research potential partners and other funders who may be able to support project costs.

Match your budget to your answers: If in your answers you say that you are going to do something or go somewhere, make sure that it is included in your budget. For example: if you state that you are planning to send a museum member to a MAS program course, make sure you include the cost of the course in your budget! The jury will check to make sure that your answers and your budget match up.

Get a second opinion: Ask someone who is not affiliated with the museum read your application before you submit it. Doing so will help to ensure that you are getting your ideas and thoughts across clearly, and that you are not missing any information that the jury needs.

Contact your grant officers: If you have any questions, are confused or need more information, the grant officers are there to help. Write down all your questions and think about your application for this discussion. Your SaskCulture Grant Administrators are:

Catherine Folstad - (306) 780 - 9431

Angie Sawatzky - (306) 780 - 9812

Toll Free - 1-866-476-6830

MAS is also here to help: contact Kathleen, your Museums Advisor at or 306-780-9266. She is here to help and advise you with your application!

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