Steam Engine at the Western Development Museum - Moose Jaw

Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop

Learn about Cabinets of Curiosities and how they spark the sense of wonder of the world, while making connections to modern-day museums including the WDM. Hear about the importance of everyday objects and their connection to human knowledge and history. Also in this workshop, learn about what’s involved in artifact collecting, why we collect and how we categorize, rearrange and classifying objects within the Museum. You will also have the opportunity to study some of your own “artifacts” as well as learn how to create your own portable museum. Recommended for ages 12 - adult. Pre-registration required, includes Museum admission. ADMISSION Adults $25 Youth (ages 12 – 18) $15 Adult WDM members and volunteers $20 Youth WDM members and volunteers (ages 12 – 18) $10 Tickets can be purchased here: For more information: or call 306-693-5989

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