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Celebration of Life for Evelyn Potter and the closing reception of her exhibit, “China Through Canad

In our gallery right now we have the exhibit called China Through Canadian Eyes...the trip Evelyn Potter made to China in 1971. She was chosen by the Canadian government to be a part of the Canadian delegation to go to China to see life as it was there. The Chinese government wanted a Canadian 'peasant' as part of the delegation. Because Evelyn was the wife of a Canadian farmer, and also because she was the first women's president of the National Farmer's Union, she was asked to attend and she accepted! We have a few of the 1,200 slides she took enlarged and her observations of life in Communist China in 1971 in a handsome display curated by Keith Carlson and Liang Zhao. Unfortunately, Evelyn died in the morning of July 25, last week, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease and a serious fall. Evelyn and her husband Doug were great contributors to making Biggar a better community...and the Biggar Museum & Gallery received thousands hours of their contributions. It was their hours, and the hours of many other volunteers in Biggar, that we now have this purpose build museum. We will be celebrating the life and accomplishments of this remarkable woman on the grounds of and in the Biggar Museum & Gallery, 105-3rd Ave. West on Saturday, August 24 from 1:00 - 5:00. Everyone whose life's were touched by Evelyn Potter are invited to attend.

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