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WDM Virtual Summer Camps - July 27 - September 6

Have you ever wondered… 

·       How to make a feeder for butterflies?  

·       How to make one of the most popular recipes from 1955? (Hint: it involves Jell-O!)

·       How quickly the fastest animal in our province can run?

·       How much sugar was allowed per person during rationing in the Second World War? 

Explore Saskatchewan like never before! Most activities are designed for explorers aged 6 - 12, but since curiosity has no age limit, our Virtual Camp is open to all ages.

Our virtual camp runs from July 27 - September 6 and includes hours of fun activities like crafts, storytime videos, indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, crafts, puzzles, recipes, and more. Themes include From There to Here, Animals of Saskatchewan, Would You Eat That?!?, and Look for the Helpers.


Virtual kit (single-child): $54, Virtual kit (2+ children): $72, Printed kit: $58.50. *Pre-registration is required.

Non-WDM Member: 

Virtual kit (single-child): $60, Virtual kit (2+ children): $80, Printed kit: $65. *Pre-registration is required.  

Learn more or register at www.wdm.ca/virtualcamps

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