Facilitator – The Sturgis Station House Museum

April 22, 2024

Facilitator Duration: May 1 2024 to March 28 2025 Rate: $7,600 (Approx. 230 hours) Tasks: Facilitate in person sessions to allow members of the public to identify the persons, places and events in the museum’s collection of photos; invite members of the public to sessions; order archival supplies; organize delivery of the scanner; set up meeting space; supervise archivist

The Sturgis Station House Museum (Sturgis, Saskatchewan) is seeking a program facilitator for the period of May 1st 2024 to March 28th 2025. This person will be responsible for hosting in person sessions in Sturgis, Saskatchewan, open to the public. With the help of an assistant archivist, digitized photographs will be put on a large screen, and the facilitator will moderate discussion to collect ideas and suggestions from attendees as to the identities in the photos (persons, places, events and dates). These sessions are to take place until approximately 1000 photos have been viewed, documented, and accessioned into the museum’s database. Training will be provided on proper handling of photo artifacts, and ordering of archival supplies. The successful candidate will also play a mentorship role with the archivist to foster skills such as hospitality, moderating group discussion, and project management. Technical Requirements: Must be able to converse and communicate easily in English. Experience with heritage or museums is preferred, but no necessary. Restrictions: None. Persons of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to apply. Remote work: None Contractor Model: This position is a short term contract. As such, the successful candidate will not be an employee or deemed an employee of the Sturgis Station House Museum and therefore no deductions will be made for CPP or EI. Overtime will not be paid, nor will vacation pay. The total amount paid shall not exceed $7,600, even if the hours worked exceed the approximate 230 hours. Payments will be made in even monthly installments.

Deadline for applications: April 22nd, 2024. Email resumes to [email protected] or send to Sturgis Station House Museum, Box 255 Sturgis, Sk. S0A 4A0. Please specify which position you are applying for. Contact: Stacey Wiebe 306 301 2775 (mobile) More Info: Sturgis Station House Museum FB page

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