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Our member museums are regionally divided into 11 separate Networks that meet each spring and fall to share information and ideas, discuss issues and concerns, and work together on joint projects. Each Network appoints a volunteer representative to coordinate its activities and act as a liaison with the MAS staff and board. Museum Networks are a valuable member group within MAS and play an important role in facilitating communication between members and MAS staff. 

If you or your museum would like to be part of a network, please contact MAS Community Engagement Coordinator Em Ironstar

Spring 2020 Network Meeting Cancellation Notice

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and with the recommendations to reduce social gatherings in an effort to curtail the spread, MAS is officially cancelling all of the previously scheduled Spring Network Meetings. We are committed to doing our part in reducing the risk of spreading the virus and will continue to monitor the directives from the government agencies.

This will in no way impact Network Grants. Please plan on submitting your 2020 report and application by March 31, 2020 as scheduled. Our staff will continue working in the office and/or remotely as required. Administrative business functions will continue—and we will be responding to phone calls and emails. Feel free to contact us. We are also going to distribute this year’s Network Knowledge Exchange (NKE) Session, The Re:Org Method online via YouTube video, which you will be able to distribute to all the contacts in your Network to view. We will send this out to you, as well as our general membership, as soon as it is available. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding as we navigate the current events. At the moment, our 2020 Annual Conference is still proceeding as planned. We are currently making arrangements to deliver our Spring Certificate Program workshops online. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and will provide any new developments as necessary through our website, e-newsletter and other communication channels. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. 

We have created a COVID-19 & Saskatchewan Museums resource page and are updating it as more resources are available.

Thank you for your support during this time.

Network Map:


Click here to download a copy of the Networker Handbook - June 2019 edition.


Network Operating Grant Application & Year End Report:

The deadline to submit is March 31, 2020. Unless previous arrangements have been made, applications recieved after this deadline will not be considered.

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