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Broadview Historical Museum

Box 556
Broadview, SK
S0G 0K0
Phone: (306) 696-2903
Phone: (306) 696-2533 (Town office)

The Broadview Historical Museum is one of the largest small town museums on the prairies!  It's a window to the labours, joys and sorrows of a diverse and determined people.  From drought to flood, from bumper crops to bust and through two world wars... the Broadview experience is one of triumph over adversity!

Within the walls of the museum, you can see Broadview's Mascot (Sergeant Bill) of the Canadian Forces in the Great War; the dress of the time period, you can visit the general store and check out some of the prices of the goods, and sift through thousands of other artifacts that are housed in the museum.

When you walk throughout the grounds, you can visit the old Highland School, the post office, walk through a Canadian Pacific Railway Caboose, or an Indian log house.

In the Highland School you can page through old year books, look at the text books that were used or sit in the desk and let history relive itself.


Location Notes

10th Avenue North

Operating Season

June – September


Visit website for operating hours.

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