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CCI announces the new Microfade Testing Service!

Posted by Dan Holbrow on January 29th, 2014

Heritage professionals and institutions responsible for the conservation and safe display of objects and collections must deal with the dilemma of protecting them from exposure to light, particularly objects and collections suspected of being vulnerable to light damage.

Light in a museum environment can cause permanent damage to some objects, leading to significant loss of aesthetic and historic values. The Canadian Conservation Institute’s (CCI’s) Microfade Testing Service helps heritage professionals and institutions identify objects that are at high risk of damage from exposure to light, such as watercolours, dyed textiles, documents written in modern pen inks, and botanical and insect specimens. The service provides data to support exhibition guidelines and lighting policies for the safe display of vulnerable objects in collections.

CCI offers the Microfade Testing Service at their laboratory in Ottawa (for objects or samples shipped to the Institute) or at a client’s site, when shipping objects is not possible.

Visit their website to learn more about CCI’s Microfade Testing Service or to request this service.

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