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CHIN Announces Two New Digital Preservation Resources

Posted by Em Ironstar on April 11th, 2019

CHIN is pleased to announce that it has published two online resources called Digital preservation format literature review and Digital preservation recommendations for small museums.

The resource Digital preservation format literature review identifies file formats most commonly used for digital preservation by large memory institutions. This resource, which has been submitted to the National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS), will serve as a foundation for NHDS digital file format recommendations, coming in 2019. If your large memory institution would like to add its digital preservation file format practices to this review, please contact us at   

CHIN’s Digital preservation recommendations for small museums offers tips to improve your museum’s digital preservation practices. Smaller cultural heritage institutions increasingly hold digital content such as images, audio files, videos and similar media. Existing digital preservation practices are designed with larger memory institutions in mind, and these can be daunting for smaller organizations or for those that do not have a specific focus on digital archival materials. As a result, museums (smaller museums, in particular) often do little more than perform backups of their digital media. The recommendations contained in this resource acknowledge the realities of constrained budgets and resources that museums face. 

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