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Posted by Em Ironstar on October 8th, 2019

Are you wondering how to be sure your candidates in the federal election are aware of museum issues? Not to worry we’ve got a handy kit for you.
In collaboration the Canadian Museums Association and all of the other Provincial & Territorial Museums Associations – MAS is coordinating its Election efforts with the national campaign. Our ‘Key Messages’ are:

CMA has also asked each of the federal party leaders two questions:

  1. What are your views on the importance and role of museums?
  2. If elected, how will you respond to the other key recommendations in the attached document, in particular, the critical need to review and modernize the National Museum Policy and the need for simplification of funding processes? 

Their responses will be posted on our websiteFacebook page and Twitter.
I have included, for your information, the Museums Matter infographic along with a press release from CMA which provide background information on our Key Messages. As well, you will find the Museums Are More Snapshot highlighting the museums sector in Saskatchewan.
Share the infographics and press release with your friends & colleagues. Ask them to talk about the importance of museums when they meet candidates or are asked what their priorities are in the election. Use the ‘Key Messages’ and Leaders questions to ask candidates for a commitment to the museum sector. Let them know about your museum and how important it is in your community. Remind them that museums are the stewards of our shared tangible and intangible heritage for current and future generations and that they are significant contributors to the provincial and national economies.
I encourage you to use this information whenever you have an opportunity to speak with your local candidates.  This is our opportunity to not only bring forward our concerns, but to highlight the many contributions that museums make in Saskatchewan and Canada.
Thank you,

Wendy Fitch
Executive Director, MAS

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