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Re-Org: Canada (Prairies and North) 2018-2019 - DEADLINE EXTENDED - Aug. 13!

Posted by Kathleen Watkin on July 5th, 2018

What is Re-Org: Prairies and the North?

Re-Org: Prairies and the North, inspire a new generation of leaders in storage reorganization. Storage reorganization focuses on improving existing storage areas, not on planning and building new facilities.

Throughout the 14-month program, which includes individual work, a face-to-face practical training workshop and various online learning opportunities, up to six museums (two participants per museum) will prepare a condition report to identify the key issues affecting access and the overall preservation of their collection. They will then prepare a reorganization project and implement it. If your museum is selected, you will receive ongoing personalized support from CCI and you will be in contact (mainly virtually through teleconferencing) with the other participating museums throughout the program.

MAS will also be available to support you every step of the way!

Who should Apply:

On-Site RE-Org Program

The Registration Fee is approximately $1,500 per museum team (2 participates). This fee includes:


Funding sources include:

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Applications Due: August 13, 2018 (Contact Simon or Kathleen for Application form)

Training dates: September 2018 to November 2019

More Information:

RE-Org: Prairies and the North can be found at  https://www.canada.ca/en/conservation-institute/services/workshops-conferences/advanced-professional-development-workshops/re-org-canada-prairies-north.html#a1

Re-Org Contact:                                                       MAS Contact:

Simon Lambert                                                          Kathleen Watkin

Senior Advisor, Collection Preservation                    Museums Advisor

Tel: 613-998-3721 x 255                                            306-780-9266

simon.lambert@canada.ca                                        advisor@saskmuseums.org

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