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Reflections on the 2019 Lieutenant Governor Heritage Awards from Kristin Catherwood, Heritage SK

Posted by Em Ironstar on October 29th, 2019

Something special happened at Government House on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. Every time I attend the Lieutenant Governor Heritage Awards, I immensely enjoy sharing in the celebration of the diverse heritage work being done in communities across the province. I am always inspired by the passion and dedication the recipients have demonstrated. I love that people travel from hours away to receive the award in person, and that winners often bring family members and special friends to share in the honour. Each year, as we prepare for the ceremony to begin, the Sir Richard Lake room at Government House fills up with excited chatter, which respectfully hushes when our CEO, Ingrid Cazakoff steps up to the podium. We all rise in respect as the Honourable Lieutenant Governor enters the room, a ritualized action grounded in ceremony. As a folklorist, I know how important such rituals and ceremonies are to our human experience. They elevate us from everyday concerns to something universal and timeless. They require us to pay real attention, to be present in the moment. And, like all culture, ceremonies and rituals are actually not static, but dynamic. They evolve and shift to adapt to changing times. I’ll be more specific about that a bit later in this post. Read the full blog post from Kristin Catherwood, Director of Living Heritage here...

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