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South West Spotlight Mossbank Golf Club’s Link to the No. 2 Bombing and Gunnery School

Posted by Michelle Brownridge on July 30th, 2019

Mossbank is a community that knows the value of heritage, and the importance of moving forward.

The No.2 Bombing and Gunnery School was opened in 1940, approximately 6 kilometers east of Mossbank. From 1940 until it closed in 1944, the base housed and trained thousands of people for the war effort, many of whom visited Mossbank during off-duty hours for entertainment.

After the base closed, many of the buildings were moved to locations all over Saskatchewan, with several being moved to Mossbank. The Mossbank Legion Hall, which is still in use today, came from the base. The Mossbank Union Hospital, including a nurses’ residence, were originally buildings from the base. The hospital closed in 1969. Read more...

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