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To Open or Not to Open Your Seasonal Museum?

Posted by Em Ironstar on March 19th, 2020

Updated: March 25th, 2020

As we all can appreciate, events are moving rapidly with respect to the COVID19 pandemic and museums. 

All museums that would normally be open to the public right now have closed their doors including the Western Development Museum (all 4 branches), Royal SK Museum (including the T-rex Centre), The MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Remai Art Gallery, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and more.  However, in many cases their staff is still working either at their facility home to provide care for the collections, or from home to also provide online services to the public. 

For museums that won’t normally open to the public until May/June it's harder to be definitive. MAS suggests that as schools are closed, likely until fall, if you open in May/June to accommodate school tours you should probably remain closed to the public until July at the earliest. 

If you are concerned about hiring summer students through Young Canada Works I would suggest you look at hiring a student to start later than normal this year as they can work on various projects while the doors are closed. If things change it isn’t possible to have staff in the facility or to open at all, you would not be penalized for returning that grant.  For more information please contact YCW directly.  If you are concerned about your Museum Grant Program funding and how it would be affected if you weren’t to open for the season you should contact Catherine Folstad at SaskCulture for information.

Given the current situation being so fluid this is the best advice MAS can provide at this current time (March 19, 2020) however we will provide updated information as quickly as we can if and when things change.

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