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Virtual Museum of Canada Call for Proposals

Category: Funding & Awards / Closes November 25th, 2020

These are difficult times for museums and heritage organizations of all sizes, as they work to reconfigure their offerings in the face of extended closures of public facilities. However, these times also provide a good opportunity to create new online content. 
The VMC is here to support the Canadian museum and heritage community as it develops its digital capacity through online projects for audiences. The VMC continues to offer funding for virtual exhibits or tours, web-based games or apps, educational resources, and any other project that provides a complete online experience, without the need for specialized equipment or a specific location. 

Please note that starting this year, there will be a single call for proposals that will cover all three investment streams. As of June, organizations will be able to submit a proposal for a Small investment (Community Stories) of $15,000, a Medium investment of $50,000 to $150,000, or a Large investment of $150,000 to $250,000.
Note also that for projects in the Medium and Large investment streams, organizations can get early feedback on their ideas by filling out a brief questionnaire called the “quick pitch.”


Full details for all investment streams are available online. 

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