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The Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS)’s SaskCollections Database is a collections database specifically designed for small and medium-sized museums in Saskatchewan. Based on Collective Access, the SaskCollections database has been adapted to meet the Saskatchewan community's specific needs. Each cultural institution involved has its own cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere via the internet. This ensures that catalogued artifacts/art/objects are accessible even if the museum building is closed for the season. With 20+ cultural institutions currently members of the database, over 250,000 artifacts/pieces of art have been catalogued.  MAS offers its database members comprehensive support, both online and via the Association’s Museums Advisor. Additionally, MAS hosts a yearly meeting/workshop where members can meet in person, share ideas and receive additional training.

Members Include:

Public Websites

SaskCollections also featured an optional front-end component, where member museums could choose to have part or all of their collections accessible and searchable via the internet. When museums chose to access this option, a website was created that connected to their database. Members could then control the content available to the larger public via their SaskCollections Database’s accessibility features.

Explore the collections below; members Include:

For more information about SaskCollections, please contact MAS’s Museums Advisor at or 306-780-9266

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