MAS offers a variety of programs and services that contribute to the advancement of Saskatchewan museums, including: 

MAS has a variety of institutional and individual memberships. A membership with MAS provides organizations with all of our available programs and services. Members also help to promote a strong and collective voice for the museum community.

MAS is pleased to provide Advisory Services to all its members at no additional cost. Offering on-site, telephone, and email consultations, the Museums Advisor is here to help with any questions or concerns relating to your museum.

Connect via Zoom and join museum folks from across the province for an online personal development opportunity, a chance to network with other museums, to chat, ask questions, and seek advice.

The Knowledge Exchange is an annual professional development opportunity open to all MAS members. This may be presented in person or online. The content of the Knowledge Exchange is intended to address the concerns from members, trends observed in the heritage sector, and to build upon the foundations and knowledge presented in the MAS Certificate in Community Museum Studies Program.

MAS strengthens Saskatchewan museums through community leadership, building capacity, and acting as the collective voice for our members. We acknowledge the ongoing commitment that this work entails, and we are focused on providing advocacy resources and framework for members to commit to this work and celebrate successes.

An annual MAS Conference is presented in conjunction with MAS’s Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for the museum community to gather for personal development and networking.

The MAS Awards are presented annually during the MAS AGM and Conference. There are two awards categories, the Young Professional Award and the Award of Merit, recognizing the efforts of an outstanding individual and institution who has made great strides and contributions to the museum community, raised awareness, and has promoted and advanced the museum sector in Saskatchewan.

Want to know more? Contact us and we would be happy to provide you with additional information about the programs and services we offer.