Research Portal

The SaskCollections Research Portal is a centralised publicly accessible website, to which all participating SaskCollections members have the option to contribute, where they can share their institution’s collections.

As a publicly accessible website, the Research Portal will allow visitors to browse collections from all participating MAS members, showcasing the artistic and cultural heritage of Saskatchewan. Visitors can also browse the collection of specific participating instutions.

The Research Portal will allow current participants with SaskCollections to share their collections to a wider audience. Visitors will be able to browse uploaded (and approved for sharing by each participating institution) collections. They may either look specifically at what a participating institution has, or may browse across the collections of all participants to the Research Portal.

SaskCollections Research Portal

Explore the rich artistic and cultural history of Saskatchewan through the collections of museums and galleries throughout the province.

Current Participants in Research Portal:

Any participating member in SaskCollections is eligible to join the Research Portal. For further inquiries, please contact the Museums Advisor [email protected].