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Certificate Program in Community Museum Studies

The Certificate in Community Museum Studies is a comprehensive, ten-course program, that provides entry-level training in museum management and operations. Participants will gain the skills they need in order to successfully operate a public community museum. Each course is offered in a scheduled rotation in locations across Saskatchewan on a two to three year rotation.

Courses in the Certificate Program include:

Any individual may enroll in the Certificate Program. To achieve receive the Certificate in Community Museum Studies, participants must attend all each of required the courses, and complete successfully complete all the assignments with a passing grade. Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate will be issued.

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What are the objectives of the program?

The certificate program aims to:

What are the benefits of the certificate program?

Participating in the certificate program will give you opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to operate a successful public museum. You can network with colleagues from throughout the province, share your ideas and concerns with expert instructors and fellow museum practitioners, and learn to apply course material to your own museum.

Questions? Call Dan Holbrow, MAS Program Director at 306-780-9241.

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