Technology Micro Grant for Community Museums – Final Report 2023

Thank you to the Government of Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport for their continued investment in our communities by supporting our museums with the Technology Micro Grant for Community Museums.

In order to ensure that the funding for the Technology Microgrant program is spent in accordance with the program’s guidelines, and to assist us with evaluating the program’s success, recipients need to meet reporting requirements.

The Technology Microgrant Final Report will ask you to outline the impacts of the grant with a response to the following questions:
○ A short description of the equipment purchased.
○ A few sentences outlining the impact of the grant. What did this tech allow you to do
with regard to your museum management, programming, outreach, and community?
○ Scanned receipts for equipment purchased,
○ An example of recognition to the Government of Saskatchewan for
funding this program (poster, social media, website, etc.).

You can find recognition logos (MAS logo,Government of Saskatchewan Logo) here:

Find the Technology Microgrant Final Report 2023 here:

Please direct any questions regarding reporting to [email protected]

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