Transgender Awareness Week, November 13-19

Transgender Awareness Week aims to increase awareness, visibility and knowledge of transgender people and the issues faced by members of transgender communities. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the lives of transgender and nonbinary people and the contributions they have made and continue to make.

Transgender and nonbinary people continue to face marginalization and discrimination in the form of transphobia. Transphobia can manifest as negative attitudes and beliefs about transgender people, irrational fears and misunderstandings, a disbelief or discounting of a person’s gender identity, derogatory language and name-calling, and bullying, abuse and violence. Transphobia and associated stigma can also create barriers (and deterrents) for transgender and nonbinary people’s access to and inclusion in services, resources and communities. It is a collective responsibility to work to reduce these barriers.

In the context of growing uncertainty and anxiety surrounding trans-inclusive practice in the cultural sector, the University of Leicester’s Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) – working with a team of legal scholars and experts in inclusion, equality and ethics – has developed comprehensive guidance on advancing trans inclusion for museums, galleries, archives and heritage organisations.

Trans-Inclusive Culture: Guidance on advancing trans inclusion for museums, galleries, archives and heritage organisations

Learn more and download the Resource:

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