Schedule Change! Special Topics Course: Archaeology and Saskatchewan Museums

Archaeology and Saskatchewan Museums – Collections, Interpretations, and Ethics (2 days)

Saturday February 24, 2024
Sunday February 25, 2024
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST

Gabriel Dumont Institute, 917 22 Street W, Saskatoon, SK

Rates: $150 members, $200 non-members, $125 students
Registration deadline: Friday February 16, 2024

Many Saskatchewan museums have archaeological materials that have been donated from community members over the course of decades. Despite being common within collections what is less frequently known by institution staff and volunteers is essential information that surround these objects, including their proper identification, the organization of collections and site data, and provincial and federal legislation that govern their management. This two-day course, offered in partnership with the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS), will provide participants with the information and skills they need for the proper curation and management of archaeological materials in Saskatchewan museums. Topics discussed will include:

  • The archaeological history of Saskatchewan
  • Proper identification of archaeological material
  • Provincial and federal legislation impacting archaeological artifacts
  • Repatriation and handling culturally sensitive material, including human remains
  • How to record archaeological sites
  • Respectful display of archaeological artifacts

Participants will also have the opportunity to bring archaeological materials for identification and to address any specific concerns they have with regards to their collections on the second day of the course.

Instructor: Dr. Karin Steuber (SAS), Dr. Tomasin Playford (SAS), and Gabriel Essaunce Lamarche


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